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My name is Frances Mohler and I believe in the power of dance! I started a studio in Hershey in 2018 with the help of my family and some amazing friends. My goal is to provide a place to dance where technique is a priority and love is a given. A place where confidence grows while bodies and minds are made stronger. 

Dancing for companies such as American Youth Dance Theater, Steps on Broadway and Diverse Space Dance Theater has shaped my teaching style. I graduated from New York University with a BFA in musical theater in 2005. I danced and sang professionally on stages large and small, from the Lincoln Center to the Long Center. As academy director for Galaxy Dance Studios and Tapestry Dance Company I designed curriculum, directed pre-professional training programs and  orchestrated performances. At Balance Studios in Austin, Texas, I created the Elevate musical theater company and choreographed award-winning pieces for Push Dance Company. From seminars and master classes to anatomy, mind and movement research, I continue learning and work to bring innovative techniques to every class. 

Frances Mohler, ownner
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