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FMD Ballet focuses on proper placement and alignment for Classical Ballet, the foundation of all Western Dance! Grace, balance, flexibility and agility are all skills required for this historic dance form. Calm, elegant, poised behavior is required for this style.


Jazz Dance is a high energy, fast-paced dance style featuring many turns, leaps and extensions! Classes focus on isolations, strength, parallel and turnout placement, jazz fundamentals and major movement across the floor. Bring your attitude to this class!


Tap is rhythm, personified. This style is noisy and fun! FMD tap blends different styles for fast-paced, never boring classes.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance originated in the Bronx in the 1970s and has captured the hearts of dancers worldwide! Street style dance is casual, hard hitting, beat-driven and stamina-building. Dancers who cannot stop moving love this style.


Lyrical Dance is an expressive dance form that focuses on lyrically-driven choreography. Dancers feel a sense of release from the emotional and calming nature of this graceful, balletic style.


Contemporary dance fuses ballet, jazz and modern techniques for an expressive and explosive dance form that captivates dancers and audience members alike. Passionate, powerful and athletic, this style is ideally supported by Ballet, Jazz and/or Acro training.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater classes bring Broadway to life! We sing, dance and act in these classes. For the show students create a dance piece with loads of character and drama. We also have an in house showcase for vocalists wishing to work on a solo. Singing is not required, however, nor a heavy focus of the curriculum.

Turns & Leaps

Turns & Leaps classes begin with strength/flexibility training and then it’s all technique technique technique! We go across the floor most of the class, working extensions, a variety of turns including a la seconde, leaps, jumps and combinations of these elements.


Pre-Pointe class is 30 minutes of at the Barre strength for ankles, legs and feet! We believe strongly that dancers must be fully prepared before pointe shoes are worn.


Pointe students must have approval to begin training in pointe shoes. We work hard to provide a safe, classical foundation for ballet!

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