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Non Ballet Classes

Students should wear dance attire of their choice! This includes: leotards, leggings, tight shorts, form fitting tank tops and shirts. Crop tops are only allowed in levels Diamond, Sapphire and Onyx and must be worn with high waisted pants or shorts. Sweat pants and shirts may be worn for warmups in any class or for the entirety of hip hop.

Ballet Classes

Ballet Students must wear leotards! You may wear a leotard with tights, a ballet skirt, shorts or leggings. Sweats may only be worn for warm ups. 

No Jewelry except for small earrings.

Hair must be pulled back off face, a bun is best for ballet.

Absolutely no denim should be worn to class.


Ballet: Pink canvas or leather

Pointe: Shoe Approval Required

Jazz: Black Jazz Shoes

Musical Theater: Black Jazz Shoes

Turn & Leaps: Black Jazz Shoes

Acro: Barefoot

Heels: Shoes provided as main costume piece

Lyrical: Lyrical Shoes

Contemporary: Lyrical Shoes

Tap: Black Tap Shoes; Lace up for big kids. Elastic straps ok for younger kids and babies!

Jazz, Musical Theater, and Turns & Leaps

Black Jazz Shoes


Pink Canvas or Leather


Black Taps

Elastic Straps ok for Young Tappers

Lyrical and Contemporary

Nude Lyrical Shoes

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