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Frances Mohler is exactly what you want in a dance teacher. She goes above the normal duties as an instructor and takes extra time to mentor and teach life lessons, as well as artistry and discipline within our art form. She exudes passion, positive energy and is magical to watch teach. If I could send my daughter to take from anyone, Frances would be it!!! She changed my life for the better and can do the same for you! -Nikki B.

Miss Frances is the reason my daughter fell in love with dance. More than just a technically gifted dancer and teacher, Frances brings a firm but respectful and kind manner to her engagement with her students. Her enthusiasm for the art form pervades everything she does, and her lessons go far beyond the studio. -Laura M.

I had the privilege of teaching Frances when she was growing up in Waco. She was an exceptional student, with an outstanding work ethic. As life would have it, after graduating from NYU, I needed a teacher. She worked for me for a few years while living in Austin. She was a fantastic teacher and the students loved her. She is a bright light in the world of dance and I'm beyond proud to say she was one of my girls. -Lezley M.

The first year of my dance training Mrs. Frances acted as a guide, supporter, and inspiration. Not only is she an exceptionally talented dancer, but she holds the care and passion that you would hope for from any mentor, friend, and teacher. Through her classes I didn’t only grow as a dancer, but also as a person. The support and knowledge she provided me with allowed me to fall in love with dance, find appreciation for the world around me, and connect with myself on a deeper level. I will always know Mrs. Frances as a gift and am extremely grateful for everything she has provided me with. I couldn’t ask for a better role model and will always look forward to taking her classes, as each time I leave a better and more fulfilled individual. -Elisa P.

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