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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Measures: What you need to know. 


  • The lobby is closed to everyone except staff and students when entering/exiting.

  • Parents should plan to remain in the car or drop off.

  • Arriving on time for drop off and pick up is essential. Early arrivers should wait in the car until it is time to enter for class. If the class is scheduled immediately following another class, please wait for the lobby area to clear out. We will also let arriving dancers in the building directly through the studio in which the class is assigned.

  • Everyone ages 2 and up must wear a mask when in the building. Dancers will be given water and mask breaks as needed while maintaining social distancing.

  • Upon entering, we encourage dancers to use hand sanitizer.

  • ​Dancers need to bring their own water bottles. Studio water fountains are closed. No sharing of drinks or food is permitted.

  • Parents are required to conduct health screening on your dancer prior to entering the building.

  • If anyone in your household has a cough, difficulty breathing, or a fever over 99, please, keep your dancer home until symptoms subside or COVID tests come back negative.

  • Anyone who has been in contact with a person with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days may not enter and must quarantine at home.